Our Business

Brief Introduction of Marsons Energy

Marsons Energy is a pioneer in manufacturing highest quality of Power & Distribution and all Special-Application electrical Transformers. Product Range- from 10 kVA upto 10 MVA within 36 kV Voltage –Class. With over 30 years of experience and expertise, we use latest Designs, material and Technologies to manufacture high quality, LOW-LOSS Transformers and achieving the lowest cost possible for Customers. With a team of over 100 technicians and engineers.

We ensure that our Customers’ experience is “delightful” as we entrench ourselves completely in customers’ project achieving timely deliveries and support for Installation, Commissioning and Services.

Transformers manufactured by Marsons Energy are used across industries for Urban & Rural electrification, High-Voltage Distribution Systems, Solar & Wind farms, Commercial complexes, Metros and Railways. All products are duly Type Tested and NABL-accredited Laboratories in India & Abroad in accordance to all standards like- IEC, BS, IS, DIN, ANSI and EcoDesign of European Commissions.

Manufacturing plant of Marsons Energy is located in Jaipur (INDIA), a city of manufacturing excellence and low-cost labour, materials and all manufacturing infrastructure. Our factory’s quality standards are certified ISO 9001-2015 by INTERTEK

Our Vision

        We are going to bring about a sustainable efficiency revolution in the Electrical Transformer manufacturing business by adopting latest Design and manufacturing methods, training and developing highly skilled and motivated work-force and pursuing a total “Customer-centric Approach” and delivering most durable and cost-effective products to customers across the world in order to maximise their ROI on electrical infrastructure. Adopting to all international standards and new energy efficient specifications is our passion and we shall continue our research & Development efforts rigorously.        

Deepak Jain
Managing Director

Customer-Centric Approach

The phenomenal growth of Marsons Energy is due of its ability to meet Customers’ requirement and specifications,”on – time Delivery “and “optimum Quality “ resulting in lowest cost, high quality transformers. With adoption of stringent documented Quality management systems, we maintain highest levels of Quality and “Customer satisfaction."A 24X7", after – sales network of Marsons Energy supports every transformer supplied across India and abroad.


Our guiding philosophy upholds "SUSTAINABILTY" as supreme; whereby Social Demands, Care for Environment & Financial Aspects of manufacturing help us produce best quality & durable transformers.