Transformers for Urban / Industrial Application

1500 kVa, 11/0.433kV, 3 Phase
Compact Station Transformer with RMU Mounting
2x1150 kVA (2000 kW), 3Phase
Transformer for 12 pulse bridge rectifier of
Induction Furnance
315 kVA, 11/0.433kV, Pole Mounting
Transformer as per Tier 1 losses of Ecodesign

MARSONS ENERGY transformers are robust, durable, energy efficient and leak-proof. This is achieved through a highly mechanised, automated manufacturing process; controlled by a strict Quality inspection regime. With large populations moving into cities every day, electrical infrastructure is under tremendous pressure to keep electrified the buildings, hospitals, shopping complexes, transport systems etc. Virtually every aspect of human life demands electrical power and, hence, need for reliable electrical grid. The answer is…MARSONS ENERGY

  • Ratings
    63 KVA to 10 MVA
  • Voltage Class
    Upto and Including 36 kV (step up & step down)
  • Phase
  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Winding Material
    Copper/ Aluminum
  • Tapping
    OCTC / OLTC as per customer requirement of range and steps
  • Vector Group
    Dyn11, Dyn5, Yd11 etc or as per customer requirement
  • Insulation Class
    As per customer requirement
  • Temperature Rise
    As per relevant Standards /As per Customer Requirement
  • Cooling
    ONAN –Corrugated Finwall or Press Steel Radiators
  • Insulating Fluid
    Mineral Oil/ Synthetic Ester Oil or as per relevant standard/requirement
  • Applicable Standards
    IS: 2026, IS: 1180, IEC: 60076, BS, SANS, ANSI, DIN or equivalent
  • Fittings & Fixtures
    Standard or as per customer requirement
  • Compact design to minimize space requirement especially in Utilized/Packaged substations within enclosures.
  • Health and Safety features as per regulations
  • Tappings to adjust voltage on HT side to supply constant Voltage on LT side.
  • Tapping can be Off-Circuit Tap Changer or ON Load Tap Changer depending on the variation and steps required.
  • Remote Terminal Control Panel (RTCC) to control the tap changing remotely, to monitor performance with remotely placed alarm and trip features.
  • Transformers are designed to withstand maximum fault level, short circuit conditions and capable of carrying its full normal rating continuously at any tap
  • Various customized solutions based on customers’ requirement such as space constraints, incoming and outgoing terminations, harmonics suppression, protection features etc.
  • Free Breathing or hermetically sealed as per requirement
  • High durability, long hassle free operational life.
  • Acoustic Noise Level to NEMA Tr1

Marsons Energy has certified quality management system as per ISO 9001: 2008. Every aspect of manufacturing, supply and service is covered by our well laid out quality plan. A dedicated team of quality control engineers ensures meaningful data collection and analysis for continuous improvement aiming towards zerodefect.

Our quality assurance is mad more effective by regular customer feedback. Effective training is provided to all personnel to ensure that they are updated with new evolving technologies, manufacturing methods and customers’ product and statutory requirement.

The In-house testing facilities are state-of-the art and able to perform all tests on transformers up to 36kV Voltage Systems of max up to 10MVA.

All routine tests are performed on each transformer as per relevant standard. Special/Type tests are also performed on each design for its validation.

Quality Assurance