Solar & Wind Power Generation Application

2000 kVA, 2x0.400/33 kV, Oil Cooled
Transformer for Solar Application
1250kVA, 2x0.400/33 kV, Hermetically
Sealed Transformer for Solar Application
1750 kVa, 0.690/33 kV, Oil Cooled
Transformer for Wind Application

The revolution of renewable energy industry has “minimization of carbon emissions” at its underlying principle, and AT&C losses of the electrical grid are a major contributor to carbon emissions. Hence, our engery efficient low-loss transformers ensure that more is achieved with every unit of power produced. Solar and Wind Energy farms powered by Marsons Energy Transformers are good for energy eco-system and globale environment as whole.

SMART CITY initiatives across the globe shall be powered by energy efficient transformers of Marsons Energy.

  • Rating
    500KVA to 10MVA
  • Voltage Class
    Upto & Including 36kV
  • Phase
  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Winding Material
    Copper/ Aluminum
  • Tapping
    Off Circuit Tap Changer /OLTC
  • Vector Group
    Dyn11/ Dyn5 etc
  • Insulation Class
  • Temperature Rise
    As per relevant Standards or as per Customer Requirement
  • Cooling
  • Type
    Two, Three & Five Winding
  • Insulating Fluid
    Mineral Oil/ Synthetic Ester Oil to relevant standard
  • Applicable Standards
    IS: 2026, IEC: 60076, BS, SANS, ANSI, DIN or equivalent
  • Fittings & Fixtures
    Standard/As per customer requirement
  • Voltage Step Up Transformers.
  • Design suitable to handle un-steady / Variable loads
  • Designed to suppress Harmonics for better Power quality.
  • Neutral may be Float type or solid earthing to suit Inverter requirement.
  • Capable to design and manufacture 2/3/5 winding Solar Transformers
  • Transformers are designed for durability and to withstand maximum fault level, short circuit conditions and capable of carrying its full normal rating continuously at any tap

Marsons Energy has certified quality management system as per ISO 9001: 2008. Every aspect of manufacturing, supply and service is covered by our well laid out quality plan. A dedicated team of quality control engineers ensures meaningful data collection and analysis for continuous improvement aiming towards zerodefect.

Our quality assurance is mad more effective by regular customer feedback. Effective training is provided to all personnel to ensure that they are updated with new evolving technologies, manufacturing methods and customers’ product and statutory requirement.

The In-house testing facilities are state-of-the art and able to perform all tests on transformers up to 36kV Voltage Systems of max up to 10MVA.

All routine tests are performed on each transformer as per relevant standard. Special/Type tests are also performed on each design for its validation.