Rural Electrification & H-V-D-S

25kva, 11/0.500-0.250 kv,
Ecodesign Transformer
200kVA, 11/0.433KV, Hermetically
Sealed Transformer
16 kVA, 6.35/0.240 kV, CSP Type
Single Phase Transformer

MARSONS ENERGY has aligned itself with the global mission of- “ELECTRICITY FOR ALL”. Households in small towns, villages or remote areas, farmers with water-pumping stations, Telecom stations, Mines or rural commercial centres….all need access to electricity and we have committed ourselves to it. Historically, providing electrical connections in the remote distant area was seen as economically unviable, however, with our energy efficient and durable transformers we assure it is not so. With a range of protection features, our transformers are designed to perform for a long duration of time.

We understand the harsh site conditions in rural areas which require transformers to be protected from line faults, surges, overloading, theft and lighting. We provide protection to transformers by Oil immersed internal circuit breaker & MCCB in externally mounted box.

Our products are fitted with features which sense problems and communicate the same to the control room.

  • Rating
    5 KVA to 200 kVA
  • Voltage Class
    Upto and including 36 kV
  • Phase
    Single and Three
  • Frequency
    50 Hz
  • Winding Material
    Copper/ Aluminum
  • Tapping
    As per customer requirement
  • Vector Group
    Ii0, Dyn11, Dyn5, etc. or as per customer requirement
  • Insulation Class
    Class A; Class B
  • Temperature Rise
    As per relevant Standards /As per Customer Requirement
  • Cooling
  • Insulating Fluid
    Mineral Oil/ Synthetic Ester Oil to relevant standard
  • Applicable Standards
    IS: 2026, IS: 1180, IEC: 60076, BS, SANS, ANSI, DIN or equivalent
  • Anti Vandal features to deter unauthorized opening and siphoning of oil, breakage of parts etc.
  • Completed Self Protected (CSP) features to protect against Line faults / surges, overloading, lightning etc. Oil immersed circuit breaker provided for tamper-free operation.
  • Designed to minimize the risk of accidental short circuit caused by animals, birds or vermin.
  • Pole Mounting arrangement for sturdy mounting on pole or mounting structure.
  • In-built metering option available to monitor consumption.
  • Mountable Distribution Box to provide consumer connections.
  • Transformers are designed to withstand maximum fault level, short circuit conditions and capable of carrying its full normal rating continuously at any tap.

Marsons Energy has certified quality management system as per ISO 9001: 2008. Every aspect of manufacturing, supply and service is covered by our well laid out quality plan. A dedicated team of quality control engineers ensures meaningful data collection and analysis for continuous improvement aiming towards zerodefect.

Our quality assurance is mad more effective by regular customer feedback. Effective training is provided to all personnel to ensure that they are updated with new evolving technologies, manufacturing methods and customers’ product and statutory requirement.

The In-house testing facilities are state-of-the art and able to perform all tests on transformers up to 36kV Voltage Systems of max up to 10MVA.

All routine tests are performed on each transformer as per relevant standard. Special/Type tests are also performed on each design for its validation.

Quality Assurance